Swift Pillow (2 Pack)

Who knew a pillow could solve so many problems? Whether you experience neck pain, hot sweats, or are just plain uncomfortable at night, the Swift Pillow is the best cooling pillow for you. Enjoy an innovative gel fiber pillow that keeps you cool at night with exceptional neck and spine support—no matter your preferred sleep position. Order today!

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Always Cool Pillow Technology

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and flip your pillow over to the cool side to go back to sleep? Do you have problems with neck pain? Try the Swift pillow. Featuring innovative Cooler® fabric on one side, the pillow stays cool all night, keeping you comfortable and sleeping happy. There’s always a cool side of the pillow.

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Swift’s sleep system includes a Mattress, Foundation and of course the Pillow. This innovative combination has been carefully designed through years of testing and research to provide the ultimate sleep experience. Swift’s cool technology is used in each component, offering a comfortable, affordable, hassle-free bed that is ideal for any individual, home, or bedroom.

If the perfect sleep isn’t enough, how about free shipping? Order direct from the manufacturer today for free shipping right to your door!

Order today, and you can receive your mattress, foundation, and pillow in 10 days or less. Buy online or call us at (800) 640-6720.

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