Benefits Of A Rolled Memory Foam Mattress In A Box

If you’ve ever moved a traditional coil spring mattress, you know how difficult the process can be. Much of this difficulty is due to the inflexibility of the design. They bend when you don’t when them to—and they don’t when you do! The Swift Mattress is different. When you place your order, we’ll ship your rolled mattress in a box that’s just 18 x 18 x 41 inches. Our conveniently sized packaging makes it very easy to move in and maneuver throughout your home. Once it’s in your home, your mattress can be set up in minutes, with no tools required. You’ll be enjoying Swift sleep in no time!

Will Rolling My Memory Foam Mattress In A Box Cause Damage?

 No. Unlike traditional coil spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses can be rolled without damaging them! Moreover, your memory foam mattress in a box will be rolled up only once it’s ready to ship, which means it won’t spend any extra time rolled up.

What If My Mattress Does Arrive Damaged?

It shouldn’t! But that’s why our mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty! You can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

We also offer our 100 Night Guarantee. You can try your Swift Mattress for 100 nights within the comfort of your home. If you’re unsatisfied with it for any reason, we’ll have it picked up at no cost to you and issue you a full refund.

Is It Easier To Move A Rolled Mattress In A Box Into My Bedroom?

Absolutely! All of our Swift Furniture products are ideal for what otherwise might be a difficult move-in situation. The Swift Mattress is especially great for urban homes and apartments where move-in can be tricky—and they’re great for everyone else too!

You’ve got more options when it comes to moving your memory foam mattress in a box into your home. You can either keep your mattress in a box to move it into your bedroom, or you can unbox it and maneuver it just as easily. With the flexibility of memory foam, you can bend, fold, or roll your mattress to move it in and out of hallways and doorways without scuffing your walls.

Can I Roll My Mattress Back Up?

Yes, especially if you need to move your mattress into a new home. While regular mattresses are fine for moving trucks, the flexibility of memory foam allows you to roll or fold the mattress into smaller vehicles, including your car.

When My Mattress Arrives, How Easy Is It to Set Up?

We call ourselves Swift for a reason. Our set up process is easy and hassle-free. No tools required!

When your rolled mattress in a box arrives, you simply unroll it and let it settle into its regular (and beautifully comfortable) shape! Setting up the Mattress Foundation is just as easy, with as few as five easy steps.

Other Than Rolling The Mattress In A Box, How Does Shipping Work?

All orders are processed with free shipping and will arrive at your door in 10 days or less. Isn’t that dreamy?

What Are Some Other Advantages Of The Swift Memory Foam Mattress?

The advantages of the Swift Mattress are in the innovation of its design. Combining cool gel-infused memory foam, premium Talalay Latex, and a high resilient support base, the Swift Mattress offers a simply exceptional level of comfort.

Order today, and experience the benefits of a rolled mattress in a box for yourself!