• Customer Limited Warranty

    Furniture by Swift takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our furniture. We use only high quality materials in the construction of our product. Every item in our collection is carefully assembled, inspected, photographed, and disassembled before leaving our factory. We follow this procedure to ensure the quality of your furniture will provide years on enjoyment and comfort.


    Furniture by Swift warrants standard product for one year from the date of invoice against defects in workmanship when put to ordinary use. This warranty does not cover damage or injury caused by unreasonable or abusive use, failure to provide necessary or reasonable care, by accident, altercation, tampering, or negligence.

    Frames / Seat Suspension / Seat Cores:

    Furniture by Swift guarantees frames, seat suspension, and seat cushion cores for the life of the product. If those components do not perform as expected under “normal conditions”; these items will be repaired or replaced, under the discretion of Furniture by Swift at no charge, once out staff has determined “liability”. Shipping charges incurred to and from the manufacturing facility will be the customer’s responsibility.

  • General Upholstery Care

    These easy to follow upholstery care recommendations will ensure that your piece looks as great as it feels!

    • Rotate and fluff your seat and back cushions weekly. This helps maintain the over all look and feel of the cushions. Plus, in ensures that all parts of the cushions wear evenly.
    • Vacuum or brush your piece weekly. This helps prevent dust and dirt build up and keeps your piece looking new.
    • Make sure to follow the fabric cleaning code instructions when attempting to clean your upholstery.
    • Upholstery is not meant for pet use. If you ever allow your pet to use your upholstery, make sure that you are taking extra precautions to protect your pieces. Pet claws can snag the fibers in your fabric, so make sure to put down something to protect the fabric.
    • Fabrics will fade or change color over time. This is an inherent characteristic of most fabrics. You can reduce the effect by minimizing direct sunlight, and rotating your cushions.
  • Furniture Assembly

    To put together our Ready-To-Assemble furniture, follow these easy steps, without any tools. You will be relaxing in your New Custom Made Furniture.

    1. Attach the arms by inserting the protruding bolts through the matching holes in the sofa base. Tighten the arm bolts by hand using the black 3 prong knobs along with the large washers under the base.

    2. Turn the sofa upright and gently slide the back into the metal inserts attached on the arms simultaneously insert the protruding bolt/bolts through the matching holes in the sofa base.

    3. Gently push down on the back to make sure it is securely in place and tighten the back bolts by hand using the black 3 prong knobs along with the large washers.

    4. Place your cushions on the sofa, sit back and relax. You’re Done!

    5. In 30 days your furniture may settle some and so we recommend tightening each of the 3 prong knobs one final time.

    For disassembly, simply reverse the process. It should not take more than 5 minutes. Each ready-to-assemble furniture piece can be assembled and disassembled several times without any loss of structural integrity.

     STEP 1

    Tip seat frame on its front edge.

    STEP 2

    Insert arms into the holes on the base of the seat frame and screw on knobs.

    STEP 3

    Slide the back frame into metal inserts and push down into positions and screw on knobs.

    STEP 4

    Place the cushions and relax. You're Done!

    • Fabric Information

      Furniture by Swift does not guarantee and will not assume responsibility for color fastness or the wearing qualities of any fabric. Any adjustment made will depend on the fabric manufacturer’s willingness to stand behind their product. We cannot be responsible for color variations beyond a reasonable commercial match.

      Furniture by Swift will not be responsible for fabric that has been treated with a stain repellant finish by the customer. When selecting textiles for our upholstery care, we only purchase fabrics that pass stringent industry standards. Often times fabrics have inherent characteristics that are part of their uniqueness, such as color variation, slubs, or natural fiber contents. Most woven fabrics will show wear due to friction from use. Pilling, the formation of little balls of fuzz on the surface of the fabric, can occur with normal use. The occurrence of pilling depends on several factors, including the type of fiber, the weave, the construction of the fabric itself, and the type of application the fabric receives. We make every effort to test for wearability and to identify fabrics that may pill excessively, however, some fabrics will pill more than others depending on their use. We cannot determine what type of application will produce pilling, in addition, we cannot control the wear our furniture will receive in the home.