Swift - About Our Furniture

A second-generation company, Seam Craft, Inc. was founded in February 1971 by Giles Parlier. The purpose of the business was to provide integral products to the furniture industry. Over the years Seam Craft, Inc. has been a key supplier to many manufacturers of high quality upholstered furniture, including cut, sew, upholstery, and foam, fiber, and feather products.

A few years ago, Seam Craft, Inc. developed a line of Ready-To-Assemble upholstery that has been marketed under other sales organizations. This year, 2015, after 44 years of upholstery experience, the principals at Seam Craft, Inc. decided to promote their own line of high quality Ready-To-Assemble upholstered furniture. The product is ideally suited for the apartment, condominium, loft and urban dwelling community for its easy access to staircases and elevators.

By combining the teamwork of the veteran craftspeople at Seam Craft, Inc., we would like to introduce to you…

Furniture by Swift!

Furniture by Swift premium ready to assemble upholstery is proudly made in America. It is manufactured at our factory in High Point, North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world. Our furniture is made one piece at a time, by experienced craftspeople.

Furniture by Swift furniture is engineered with an innovative design concept which has a superior construction compared to other ready to assemble upholstery. This patent pending utility design makes it very difficult to recognize that our product is assembled by the consumer in their home. We pride ourselves knowing that consumers are not able to distinguish our product from conventional built upholstery. A new view of quality in ready to assemble upholstery.

To put together our Ready-To-Assemble furniture, follow these easy steps, without any tools. You will be relaxing in your New Custom Made Furniture.

1. Attach the arms by inserting the protruding bolts through the matching holes in the sofa base. Tighten the arm bolts by hand using the black 3 prong knobs along with the large washers under the base.

2. Turn the sofa upright and gently slide the back into the metal inserts attached on the arms simultaneously insert the protruding bolt/bolts through the matching holes in the sofa base.

3. Gently push down on the back to make sure it is securely in place and tighten the back bolts by hand using the black 3 prong knobs along with the large washers.

4. Place your cushions on the sofa, sit back and relax. You’re Done!

5. In 30 days your furniture may settle some and so we recommend tightening each of the 3 prong knobs one final time.


For disassembly, simply reverse the process. It should not take more than 5 minutes. Each ready-to-assemble furniture piece can be assembled and disassembled several times without any loss of structural integrity.

Step 1 :   Tip seat frame on its front edge.

Step 2 :   Insert arms into the holes on the base of the seat frame and screw on knobs.

Step 3 :   Slide the back frame into metal inserts and push down into positions and screw on knobs.

Step 4 :   Place the cushions and relax. You’re Done!