Swift Flat Pack Sofas & Couches

Flat pack sofas from Swift Furniture offer exceptionally high quality in convenient, ready-to-assemble upholstered furniture. We have several unique styles to choose from, and a range of colors, so you can find the perfect flat pack sofa to suit your home or office. Enjoy free shipping in boxes that are easy to handle and fit in any living space. No tools required for assembly. Shop now!


Swift flat pack couches are made one piece at a time by experienced craftspeople. Engineered with an innovative design concept for superior quality, you’d think these gorgeous sofas arrived already assembled—but in reality, they arrive in a conveniently sized box at your door. You can easily assemble them at home, with no tools required. No one will ever know you put it together yourself—unless of course you feel like bragging about it!

Our seat and back cushions are encased in a non-woven cover, with the seat cushions filled with a soft and resilient ultra-cell foam core. The back cushions are filled with premium virgin conjugated polyester fiber for supreme comfort and durability.


Moving heavy furniture through tight spaces and up a flight of stairs can be an enormous hassle. We get it. That’s why Swift ready-to-assemble sofas arrive in easy to handle boxes. You can maneuver your new sofa with ease wherever it needs to go. As part of our innovative design, Swift Sofas can be put together in minutes and there are no unsightly signs of assembly. Simple and chic!


No matter your tastes, there is sure to be a piece in our collection for you. Couch fabric ranges from bella velvet or natural linen to heather woolen blends and more. Our color options are even more diverse. No matter the style of your living space, there will be a perfect couch just for you.

Take advantage of our free shipping, and get the couch you’ve always wanted today. Shop now!