What Is A Hybrid Mattress? The Next Big Sleep Craze!

What Is A Hybrid Mattress? The Next Big Sleep Craze!

February 26, 2018

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that combines two or more materials and/or support systems. The combined materials may vary, but they tend to provide pressure relief along with other benefits. Benefits may include improved breathability, reduced heat retention, etc., depending on the materials used. Common materials in hybrid mattresses include memory foam, inner springs, latex and more.

History Of The Hybrid Mattress

hybrid mattress diagram

First, there was the innerspring mattress. Ok, so maybe that wasn’t first—but it’s usually the first type of mattress that comes to mind. And it’s true, the innerspring was king until fairly recently. In the last 20-30 years, however, mattress technology has come a long way. New materials like memory foam and latex were introduced along with other innovations. Even more recently, mattress manufacturers have realized the potential of combining premium materials to enhance and complement their benefits. So what is a hybrid mattress and why is it so great? Today, we’ll take a look at one of the hottest trends in the mattress industry!

Common Types Of Hybrid Mattresses

With the rise in this style of mattress, there have been many types to surface, featuring varying combinations of materials. But for the sake of discussion, we’ve narrowed it down to three of the top non-brand specific categories of hybrid mattresses you’re likely to find on the market today:

  • Memory foam and inner spring mattresses
  • Memory foam and cool gel mattresses
  • Latex and memory foam mattresses

Which is the best to help you drift off to dreamland? Let’s look at some of the benefits for each category…

Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress Benefits

Memory foam and inner spring mattresses combine memory foam with the classic support of an innerspring mattress for a medium-firm sensation. The layers of foam distribute weight evenly and minimize pressure points by conforming to curves. The coils of the innerspring provide back support and bounce. This type of mattress is great for anyone looking for the comfort of memory foam without the fear of sinking into your bed!

Memory Foam & Cool Gel Mattress Benefits

A major drawback of traditional memory foam is that it retains body heat and sleeps too hot. Many hybrid mattresses on the market infuse memory foam with cooling elements to help combat this. One of the best materials for the job is cooling gel, whether it’s in a mattress topper pad or infused into the memory foam itself! This mattress is great for anyone who sleeps hot, or for anyone who has tried memory foam and found themselves too sweaty at night. With this style of mattress, you get the same pressure relief and comfort of memory foam while enjoying a consistently cool temperature through the night.

Latex & Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

If you still can’t take the heat, try a latex and memory foam mattress. Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic that provides excellent protection against allergens. It is also an extremely breathable material, due to its unique open cell structure. Mattresses that combine latex and memory foam will typically use a latex layer on the surface to help with breathability, dissipating heat that may otherwise be trapped within the memory foam layer!

Want More From Your Hybrid? Try The Swift Bed!

What if you could get all of these benefits within in a single, affordable mattress? No surprise here. It’s the Swift Bed. We’ve developed the ultimate hybrid mattress:

  • Firm resistance base support layer
  • Cool gel-infused memory foam comfort layer
  • Premium Talalay latex surface layer for superior breathability

As if these benefits weren’t enough, we also offer convenient online ordering, free shipping, and a hassle-free assembly process to help you enjoy better sleep quicker—you could say it’s Swift!

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