How To Get Restorative Sleep: Improve Your Sleep Today!

How To Get Restorative Sleep: Improve Your Sleep Today!

March 09, 2018

When we envision a healthy lifestyle, most of us immediately think of diet and exercise. But getting a good night’s sleep is equally essential. Even when we commit ourselves to the recommended 8 hours in bed, we probably aren’t sleeping that whole time. We’re often more restless than we realize. Here are some tips on how to get restorative sleep and improve your rest today!

What Is Restorative Sleep?

Cellular regenerationDid you know that there are five stages of sleep? Each has to do with different brain waves as your body moves toward the deepest level of sleep, when rapid eye movement (REM) occurs. This stage is when we dream, and it’s also when the brain repairs itself. This level of sleep restores many vital elements of your body, including:

  • Cognitive ability and memory retention
  • Replenishing key chemicals, such as iron, magnesium, and vitamin D
  • Regulating glucose levels
  • Maintaining healthy hormone levels, such as testosterone and thyroid

Without restorative sleep, many find themselves with a number of disorders and health concerns, including ADHD, anxiety and depression, obesity, and diabetes. While these issues can still occur even with proper sleep, getting proper restorative sleep is the first step to maintaining a healthy body.

Tips For How To Get Restorative Sleep

  • Lights Out. Ok, so this is the easy (and obvious) first step, but you might consider taking it a step further by investing in some blackout curtains, especially if your bedroom window lets light in even after the lights go out—or if you find yourself waking up with the sun.
  • Dreamland, Not Screenland. As a related bit of advice, try to avoid any screens—phones, tablets, TVs— in or near your bed. Consider cutting your screen time altogether at least an hour before you hit the hay. The blue light emitted by these devices stimulates your brain and can lead to a restless sleep. However, if you love drifting off to sleep phone in hand, lower your screen’s brightness, or check to see if your phone has a “Night Mode.”
  • Try Some Tech. Turning off your technology doesn’t mean you have to sleep in the stone age. Wearing a smart watch or a FitBit while you sleep can help you track how well (and when) your body gets the best rest.
  • Food & Drink. Avoid heavy eating or drinking (including alcohol) at least an hour before bed. While you might feel like drifting off to sleep after a warm bowl of pasta or some leftover turkey, your body will still be hard at work digesting and metabolizing the calories you consumed.
  • Supplement Your Sleep. Melatonin is a wonderful, natural sleep aid that works wonders for many restless sleepers. Similarly, drinking a non-caffeinated tea such as chamomile can help you relax. You can try taking your tea a step further with a small amount of lavender oil or some powdered magnesium.
  • Don’t Sweat It. When it comes to sleep, our bodies thrive at lower temperatures. Even if you don’t feel warm when you snuggle up under the covers, you may soon find yourself waking up in a damp sweat. To keep cool, sleep with light, breathable pajamas—or even no pajamas! And make sure your bedding promotes proper air circulation.

We Put The Rest In Restorative Sleep!

Having the right bed is often the best place to start when wondering how to achieve restorative sleep. Whether it’s time to retire the old mattress or you’re simply looking to try something new, the innovative Swift Bed is the perfect solution. We’ve combined the highest quality materials including cool gel-infused memory foam and premium Tallalay latex to offer an always-cool, always comfortable sleep.

The rest is simple. Order your Swift Bed today!

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