Couch Dimensions Explained – A Simple Buyer’s Guide

Couch Dimensions Explained – A Simple Buyer’s Guide

April 16, 2018

If couch shopping is giving you flashbacks to high school geometry class, you’re not alone. Are you feeling like you need a proof, theorem, or at least a protractor to determine if your furniture will fit? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with common couch dimensions explained. We’ve compiled a simple buyer’s guide to help you find a couch that will fit perfectly in your space.

Couch Measurements

Couch dimensions are often explained with four aspects:

  • Height: from the floor to the top of the back cushions
  • Width: from the front of the arm to the back
  • Depth: from the front of the seat cushions to the back
  • Diagonal Depth: measured diagonally across the width, from the bottom back corner to the top front corner of the arm

When reading the specs of a couch online or in a store, you’ll often see them listed Length x Width x Height. Take our new Swift Sofa, for example, which is 75" x 35" x 35." These dimensions are great because the width and the height are the same, but that’s not always the case.

To begin, you’ll want to measure your current couch to get an idea for what will work in your space. This is, of course, only if you have a current couch. If not, measure your space first—described below—and then return to this step.

Getting In-Depth

So, what about the two depth measurements? Isn’t depth the same as width? Both valid questions.

While depth and width may be similar for some couches, they’re often different because the width takes the arms into account while the depth only accounts for the front to the back. To get a better idea of the depth, measure underneath the couch from the front of the seat cushions to the back.

When measuring depth, be sure to measure from the widest points of the couch. For example, if you have a couch with flared arms, measure from the widest point of the arms when measuring the diagonal depth. This rule also applies to length, width, and height!

Measuring Your Space

With these considerations for couch dimensions, you’ll also want to measure your space(s). That is, you’ll want to measure the space of the couch’s final destination as well as any spaces you’ll have to navigate in order to get it there. Be sure to measure:

  • The height and width of any doorways
  • The depth of entryways
  • The diagonal depth of any tight corners

Be sure to consider overhead lights and other fixtures you’ll have to avoid when you move the couch as well!

Still Looking For An Easy Equation?

When in doubt, keep it simple. Keep it Swift. Our couches are designed to fit in any space, especially when space is limited. How do we do it? We flat-pack and ship your furniture straight from our factory to your home or apartment. It arrives in a box that’s easy to move inside and unpack. Best of all, our assembly process is hassle-free and requires absolutely no tools! Once you’ve assembled your new couch, we’re sure you’ll agree the whole process was easier than buying a fully assembled product and struggling to get it through the door.

Shop our full selection of stylish couches, sofas, chairs, and more. Order today and receive free shipping!


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